Alexander's origin and controversies according various traditions

Human or Divine origins
  1. Philip's son
  2. Ammon - Zeus (Python) son
  3. Nectanebos, pharaoh and grand wizard, in exile from Egypt in Macedonia, seduced Olympias disguised as the god of Ammon, and so Alexander is legitime descedent of Egyptian pharaohs.  the Romance traditions often have a specific definition of Egyptian association with Alexander.  In Pseudo-Callisthenes, Alexander is not the true son of Philip, but rather the sorcerer, Nectanebos, the last of the Pharaohs, who seduces Olympias and sired Alexander.
  4. According to the Iskandarnamah, a Persian medieval Romance, Alexander was identified as Dh'ul Qarnain (the Two-horned) and hero of the Koran, is the son of Philip's daughter and the Persian King Darab.

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